Key Staff

Paul Smith CEO

Paul joined iSentry in 2005.

After qualifying in 1972 and spending 2 years as Finance Director of Carlton JCB Ltd, in 1976 Paul joined J. A. Devenish Plc., the Regional Brewer, where he spent 15 years, the last 5 as Group Managing Director. In 1991 he led, as Chairman and Managing Director, an MBI which become Discovery Inns Plc., and which in 1997 was successfully sold to Enterprise Inns Plc. Following on Paul led another MBI in conjunction with the Channel Islands based Ann Street Group Ltd., (fully listed) which became Blubeckers, the Home Counties restaurant group, which was successfully sold to The Restaurant Group Plc. Paul was appointed CEO of the Ann Street Group in 2000 and left in 2005. Paul returned to the UK in 2006 and also currently advises a Care Home operation.

Paul is an FCCA.

Gareth Evans CIO

Gareth has been the Group MD and CIO at iSentry since November 2004 when he helped complete the management buyout from iLumin Inc. He joined iLumin early in 2002 and was responsible for expanding iLumin's operations into Europe and later for running the Digital Suite division both in the UK and in the US. Incisive thinking, attention to accuracy and detail and an ability to work the everyday into the bigger picture characterize Gareth in his work.

Gareth has excellent practical knowledge of many financial business areas and extensive technical experience. This gives him the ability to see solutions in both business and technical terms. Prior to joining iLumin, Gareth was the European managing director for Thomson Financial, Director of client consulting for Primark and CTO for Totem Systems Ltd in the UK. These three companies and their products drive many thousands of financial trading desktops around the world today all day every day. Systems that run 24x7 and process extremely high transaction rates are a requirement in the iSentry world and Gareth's experience helps iSentry bring these qualities to its own product offerings.

Gareth has also served as non-executive director for several organizations ranging from a publicly listed TV station through to privately held smaller software firms. Gareth has a BSc (Hons) degree in Computing Science from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Steve Harris CTO

Steve joined iSentry in 2006 and was promoted to CTO in 2010. Steve is responsible for the development strategies within iSentry and for ensuring that the ongoing product development stays in compliance with iSentry's SAS70 obligations. Steve works closely with Gareth and our US partners to ensure that priorities are both set and met during the development of new features and functionality.

Gillian Leech (Senior Developer)

Gillian joined iSentry in 2007 as a senior developer working on both the Java based central systems and the .NET based desktop applications.

Adam Bullock (Head of Operations)

Adam is responsible for the day to day operational activity within iSentry. This involves liasing with clients and with NaviSite. He is also iSentry's current cloud guru. Adam joined iSentry in 2009.

Jonathan Coone (Developer)

Jonathan joined iSentry in 2010 and works on the Java based central systems. He also maintains the .NET based dashboards and works with Adam on the website.

Ross Fuge (Developer)

Ross joined in 2012 and is working in the new system, development of which started that same year.

Jack Williams (Apprentice)

Jack joined in 2012 as an apprentice developer.

John Barnes SVP (USA)

John is a visionary professional with 10+ years experience in product development and marketing for Fortune 500 and start-up technology and financial services organizations within highly competitive markets. John is an exceptional communicator with strong leadership skills to motivate and mentor teams of product management, marketing, implementations and client relations personnel and build consensus to drive results.

John joined iSentry in 2004 having previously worked for Freddie Mac and then with Gareth at iLumin Inc. John has a BSc degree in Finance from Penn State University, USA.